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Regular price $2,483.26

A. Pretty One: 5 girls (unattached) $148.99 x 5 = $744.95 

Base- Black holo sequin briefs unattached (black mystique) $125

Trim- white mystique 

Petticoat- White 

Back Bow- White mystique $10

Black satin gloves $4

Michelle brooch $9.99

No hair piece 

2 Child Large 

1 Adult Extra Small 

1 Adult Small 

1 Adult Extra Large 


2580B.blanca  Sax: 5 girls (unattached) $117.98 x 5 =$589.90 

Midrift top Red Zsa Zsa with black mesh $33

Pleather leggings $40 Uyen Gave to KJ

Red Zsa Zsa Belt $10

Choker- Red Mystique $8 

Fishnet gloves $4Gave to KJ

Michelle brooch $9.99

Oval rhinestone belt buckle $2.99 Gave to KJ

Hair piece 

Top.                                      Bottoms

2 Adult Small                       3 Adult Small

2 Adult Medium                  1 Adult Medium 

1 Adult Large                      1 Adult Large


C. Rise Up- Adult Extra Small )(unattached) $100.49

Chofer- Black mystique $8 Gave to KJ

Barbie top- Pink Zsa Zsa with black mystique trim $25

leggings- pleather $40Gave to KJ

Long gauntlets $10 Gave to KJ

Black applique $3.50

Black lace and chain $8

Brooch #1 $5.99


GAVE TO KJ D- Toxic 2 Adult Small (unattached) $97.95 x 2 = $195.90 

Base red mystique Gave to KJ

Choker $8 Gave to KJ

barbie top $25Gave to KJ

Briefs $25 Gave to KJ

wristbands $6Gave to KJ 

1/2 yard sequin flower trim $4.99 Gave to KJ

3 black appliqué 7.5'' $11.97 Gave to KJ

2 yard of 1/2'' flat banding $8 Gave to KJ

Black diamond brooch $8.99 Gave to KJ


GAVE TO KJ E-Single Ladies Child Large (unattached) $109.96 

Base black mystique with neon pink Gave to KJ

1 yd feather fringe $10.99 Gave to KJ

Choker $8 Gave to KJ

Single ladies leo with booty short instead  $55 Gave to KJ

Long gauntlets $10 Gave to KJ

1 yd sequin flower trim $9.98

3 layer tulle bustle 14'' $10Gave to KJ

Brooch #1 $5.99 Gave to KJ


F. $169 

Tap Leo Adult Extra Large gold holo sequin with black mystique trim with black mesh and mesh briefs $55

Circle skirt Adult Extra Large gold holo sequin with black mystique trim and briefs with black petticoat  1 layer $60

Black satin gloves $4

GAVE TO KJ Black Fur shrug Adult Extra Large $50




Total $1910.20 X 30%= Total $2483.26


Disclaimer: The sizes listed are as close as possible, but as with any item, they may vary. Returns can be made in the first 10 days of a transaction, but shipping costs are your responsibility.

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