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So cal #1

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1. Dancing fool x9 x$195 = $1755

turwoiuse and black. Christine has the order


2. jailhouse rock. DIVAWEAR Blanca 

  Black and white striped Barbie top vertical stripes $25(lucky strips 6 yards)pink banding 

 Ruffle lace $2

 wrist gauntlets $8

 One layer circle skirt $60(white petticoat with black thread, pink waistband)

 Custom skirt $15

 black Back bow $10

 Hat $20

 Attachments (3) $24

total $181 x8 = $1448


3. Stray cat STRUT DIVAWEAR Paulette 

black holo cupckate dress w hot pink sparkle trim ( we have it already) $125 briefs black lycra 

fishnet gloves $4

hot pink petticoat $10(eBay)

maribou tail $4(have it black marabou)

back bow $10(pink)

attachments (2) $16

Total $169 x7 = 1183



ez dot matte #30002 red with white 

red with white Polka dot lycra  hair bow w yellow center $6 

puffy crop top red with white polka dots with black lycra $50

Yellow Lycra top bow $6

3 layer skirt $75red with white polka dots with black lycra trim

Yellow Lycra back bow $10

custom yellow petticoat with black thread  $10

gloves $4

attatchments (2) $16

total $177 x 7 = 1239


5. Gravity DIVAWEAR uyen 

LONG one arm lace burgandy shrug $35(Michelle order lace from esty)

covered bra $40

long fishline Mesh burgandy skirt $50

3 applique $10.50

2 attatchments $16

total $151.50 x8 = $1212



6. Bang them sticks custom $195 x9  = $1755

willxgive TO CINDY for next round 

 Pleather pants 

mesh bodysuit 

red Zsa Zsa covered bra 

Total $8592- $4800 deposit for these 48 costumes 




Disclaimer: The sizes listed are as close as possible, but as with any item, they may vary. Returns can be made in the first 10 days of a transaction, but shipping costs are your responsibility.

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